IT Consulting.

Project Management

Our approach is to implement IT solutions that reengineer or develop new business processes which automate operations and work together with other IT systems such as ERPs or CRMs mitigating the risk of data manipulation.

As fundamental stage of the IT transformation process, we analyse your current processes in order to be able to propose the most appropriate solutions taking into consideration investments made and adapting the project to your current amortizations.

This approach, in addition to other benefits, allows you to reduce costs in the short and medium terms as all developments are tailored to your business strategy.

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IT Consulting

Initial meetings with Management provide an understanding of the business strategy, scope of the project and the foundations for the development of the technological solution.

The result of the scope definition process could be developing a new business process or optimising an existing business process in line with budget and investments already made.

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Solution Development

Regardless of the project methodology used, throughout the solution development and implementation we maintain a continuous dialogue with both Management and Operations via regular face-to-face meetings, in addition to telephone and email communications, to ensure that the development of the solution is on track and fit for purpose.

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Implementation & Go-Live

As a final stage of the solution development, we conduct tests in the test environment in accordance with the scenarios identified to ensure its functionality before the go-live in. Once all tests are completed successfully, the solution is implemented in production either in-house or hosted in a cloud solution.

(This service is only available as part of IT Consulting projects).

Cloud Hosting

Phased Delivery Approach

The implementation of flexible, dynamic and tailor-made solutions in line with business strategy is essential to facilitating business growth.

The phased delivery approach to our projects allows you to shape the solution for the long-term strategy over time, thus only making the necessary investments at the right time whilst minimising the learning curve for Operations.

Business Process Reengineering

The reengineering process provides the opportunity to implement new operations in your business model whilst optimising investments made and reducing the learning curve for operations as both new and existing processes can run simultaneously.

Whether the aim of the project to improve an existing business process or to develop a new one, our IT consultancy service will manage the end-to-end integration and putting into production of the solution making the day-to-day work of all parties more efficient.


“Think before acting” is our motto during the design of any IT solution. An in integral part of our IT consultancy is actively listening to your business needs, analysing your Operations and proposing a bottom-up solution.

Responsive Design

It is essential that everyone is able to work, consult information and make purchases regardless of their location and device. As such, all solutions resulting from our IT consultancy include as standard a responsive design that is adaptable to mobile devices and reduces costs over the software lifecycle.

Acquiring Services Integration

Should the proposed solution require data exchange with a bank or Payment Service Provider or require the integration of a secure payment platform, our IT consultancy will take care of planning the integration of such services within the scope of the project closing the end-to-end sales process of your web application.

System Integration

It is vital that all IT solutions work in conjunction with other systems automatically sharing information, eliminating manual intervention, reducing the risk of data manipulation and ultimately human error.

If system integration services are required, our IT consultancy will take care of all system integration planning to integrate all necessary IT systems in the operation process e.g. ERP, CRM etc.

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