Cloud development

We design and develop in-house and cloud-based IT solutions that can be fully integrated with your existing IT infrastructure. The dynamic and modular project approach allows for agile and sustainable growth increasing assets and reducing costs over time.

All of our software development solutions include front office and back office development with responsive design as standard.

Our projects
Front office

The front office is the public face of all operations used to showcase your business, as such it must be in good standing terms of both design and technology.

All of our developments use cutting edge technologies that whist simplifying processes make the user experience as agile as possible. We work together with web designers, who through the use of digital platforms, allow you to transmit your vision and corporate values with a clear focus on User Experience (UX).

Back office

A back-office system is included in all projects providing you with total independence to manage all data collected by the Web application (e.g. sales, registers, inscriptions, users etc) in the same way as the contents provided in the front office.

It is from here that system integration with existing IT architecture will take place, automatically sharing information, eliminating manual intervention, reducing the risk of data manipulation and guaranteeing access in accordance with the defined user roles.

Responsive design

All of our developments are done with responsive design to provide access to information and tracking of events e.g. sales, regardless of location and device.

From the consultancy process right through to the design of the layout each line of code is considered with the objective of improving the user experience (UX). With this in mind, we use the frameworks that best fit the requirements of your design (bootstrap, material design, uikit, semantic UI etc.).
System integration

Should the solution require data transfer to/from banking entities or payment platforms, our IT team will take care of planning the integration of this service ensuring the end-to-end sales process on your platform.

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